April 2017


A unity of breaking and vogue. The freedom of gender expression that vogue creates, and the sheer physicality of breaking. The purple motifs on the male dancers’ outfits represents different elements of the Old Way and New Way vogue styles.

Choreographer: Emma Houston
Dancers: Duane Nasis, Raymond Wade, Shortbread, Zana
Costume: Gemma O’Brien


FEBRUARY 2017 – Paris
Outfit I made for the Mother of the House of Khan, Harli, who wore it to the Black Lives Matter vogue ball in Paris as a judge. Material: African Wax.


FEBRUARY 2017 – London

The Valentine’s Ball in London. Winner Grand Prize – Bizarre category
Blue dress and hat made from vinyl.



Jenni Milan’s 40th birthday ball in Helsinki. Hat I made and wore for the Best Dressed category.

FullSizeRender (1)

JULY 2016 – London
All Thing’s London ball, winner Couture Grand Prize category. The theme was Vivienne Westwood. Painted cotton and satin and brocade embellishment with velvet cloak and slogans.


MARCH 2016 – Amsterdam
House of Vineyard ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ball. Runway entry, theme: Mad Hatter. Hat made from velvet and found materials.


Runway entry outfit for the Mugler ball in Paris. The theme: Lady in Black. Hat (black velvet), dress: black organza and satin.



Duane paid tribute to Sylvia Rivera, a trans woman of colour and LGBT liberation activist, who experienced her fair share of hatred in and outside of the community she was trying to give a voice to during the 50s-70s. Making the costume for Duane has been an amazing experience because I’ve been able to learn about Sylvia and her life and try to translate my understanding of it into clothes to help Duane tell the story he wanted to tell.

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